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Discover Tinley Park 2017 – 2018

Discover Tinley

The Tinley Park Fire department and Fire Prevention Bureau participated in the annual Discover Tinley at the Tinley Park Convention Center on Saturday September 5th. Discover Tinley was attended by many people from Tinley Park and the surrounding areas. Many children and adults went through the fire safety trailer outside the convention center and participated in various presentations inside at the fire department display. Here are some of the pictures from the day’s events.


The Tinley Park Fire Department has a total of 110 part-time firefighters. These firefighters are divided into five companies over four stations. Station #1 houses Company 1 and 5. Stations #2, #3 and #4 house their respective companies. Each Company has a Captain, three Lieutenants and engineers and firefighters as needed. If you are interested in becoming a member, please download our application from the web site, fill it out and send it to us.

1 Fire Chief
4 Assistant Chiefs
0 Deputy Assistant Chiefs

5 Captains
19 Lieutenants
25 Engineers
56 Firefighters

Fire Chief

Kenneth Dunn

Assistant Chiefs

Thomas Slepski ,Mark Bettenhausen, Stephen Klotz, Paul Cummins

Deputy Assistant Chiefs


Timothy Griffin – Company #1; Daniel Riordan – Company #2; Dennis Gotkowski – Company #3; Kristopher Dunn – Company #4; Douglas Erwin – Company #5


Nicholas Bohlsen, Donald DeBias, James DeMarie, Bryan Duesing, Dennis Foreman, Scott French, James Gaskill, Jr., Bryan Gudyka, Anthony P. Mazziotta, William Murray, Timothy O’Hagan, James Owczarski, Matthew Randall, Daniel Reda, Kenneth Roemer, Jason Slager, Chris Stube, John Urbanski, William Vander Veen


Gregory Aune, Thomas Blomberg, Thomas Donnelly, Thomas Donnelly Jr., Michael Gilgenberg, Daniel Grant, Joseph Greco, Kenneth Hamill, Brian Johnson, Michael Kopycinski, Peter Marianovich, Anthony J. Mazziotta, Daniel Mazziotta, Charles Messina, Brian Millerick, Joseph O’Dette Jr., Patrick O’Dwyer, Mark Rago, Robert Reynolds, Shawn Richards, William Richey, George Rock, Charles Russ, Todd Swartzentruber, Paul Tuuk


Michael Anderson, Raymond Bale, John Barry, Joseph Bell, Robert Beran, Timothy Best, Timothy Brooks, Mark Bulvan, Armando Bustos, James Byrne, Adam Casner, Matthew Coglianese, John Colangelo, Mark Cotrano, Adam Culbertson, Steven Curtis, Joseph Daluga, Anthony DeAdam, Thomas Donlan, John Duffy, Thomas Dziekan, Michael Elmer, Liam Fitzmaurice, Steven Griffin, Renee Grzeszkiewicz, Steven Grzeszkiewicz, Joseph Haaga, Seamus Hamrin, Kevin Hickey, Kevyn Holdefer, Anyaetta Hoopes, Douglas Hughes, Michael Hughes, Anthony Kahne, Jeffrey Kushner, Michael Kushner, James Leikel, Michael Milazzo, Matthew Mohan, John Nagle, Eric Noonan, Stanley Pedziwiatr, Eric Peters, Eric Petravich, Joseph Pinnick, Jonathan Popp, Scott Rabideau, Todd Rabideau, Paul Reyes, Brad Roemer, Norman Roney, James Rygula, Alan Schellhorn, Grzegorz Skwara, Joseph Smulevitz, Wayne Starkman, William Stripeik, Christopher Tillson, Thomas Tonra, William Turner, Jr., Jason Vaccaro, Michael Wittman, James Wooten