Small Business Safety

We would like to thank the local business owners who participated in our 2017 fire safety program.

We helped 6 local businesses develop a comprehensive fire safety plan.

In the year 2000, fires and burns caused $6.2 Billion in productivity losses (This is about $9 Billion in 2017 dollars).  In order to prevent these losses in Tinley Park we walked local businesses through the following safety regulations:

OSHA Fire Safety Standards –

OSHA is the bare minimum that businesses need to follow in order to be compliant with Federal Laws. These rules state that multiple exit routes must exist, an Emergency Action Plan is in place, and a Fire Prevention Plan is followed.

Fire Safety Checklist – Tinley Park Specific

We provided our local business owners with a weekly fire safety checklist. This includes business specific risks to each of the owners. This checklist will monitor the safety devices, equipment, and handling procedures to round out the specifics of the OSHA Safety Standards.

Smoke Alarms

We have done Smoke detector and alarm training multiple times in the community. We reminded the local businesses and their employees of these rules. Read more on Smoke Detectors.

Fire Extinguishers – Hands on Training

Having at least one fire extinguisher in an office can often be the difference between minimal damages and a dangerous inferno burning down your building.  We training many of the local employees on how to properly handle Class A fire extinguishers.

The following businesses completed the training:

Proven IT – MLM Software for digital asset tracking

99 West Trailers – Refrigerated transportation services

Red Hat – Best destination of Linux, and open source solutions.

ServPro Tinley Park – Emergency water damage cleanup services plus mold remediation

Window Concepts – Replacement Windows contractor, serving the greater Illinois area.